The Brand

El Ajuar de Maria was born with the idea of dressing the table in a fun and original way with pieces of exceptional quality manufactured exclusively in the EU whose origins have an exceptional reputation in the manufacture of ceramics and porcelain.
The idea came from two creative young people who wanted to bring a personalized touch for both the table and decorative.
Each collection or individual piece is a world of inspiration created entirely by El Ajuar de Maria.
So much so that we have already dressed the tables of many homes and professionals known in the world of restoration.

High Quality

All the pieces are of exceptional quality. The pottery comes from Portugal, particularly in the area of Aveiro where the tradition of ceramics has been present for centuries. Porcelain, comes from Boheme, a region of the Czech Republic whose name bears the designation of origin the world’s finest and most famous porcelain.
All of our pieces have gone through quality certifications and are lead-free for their free sale and use in some countries like the USA.